Sunday, February 22, 2009

Her Stories

Her magnitude intimidates

she’s too quick,
too complicated,
and too aggressive

as if her anger and sorrow were baseless.

The other one buys his stories

she’s too quick
to wish for leaders
and conditioned to submit

as if incapable of leading herself.

We all facilitate his equations

Mary is to passive
what passive is to good
and what whore is to strength

is what is so threatening.

© 2009 Marcy Stoeckel


  1. Dazzling. Simply dazzling.

    Gave me a chill thrill... ;~]

  2. I agree with Patrice. Flex those poetic muscles!

    "We all facilitate his equations" is such a good line!

  3. interesting, complicated, these
    women you've poemed.

  4. Thank you so much, Bryan. :-)

    Nadege - They are indeed interesting and complicated ... thank you sincerely for the comment!