Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scrubbing Toilets

An ergonomic chair
and time to read next year’s
budget, she bitches about
cutbacks while
She Works Hard for the Money
is piped in from some
easy-listening loop
of unknown origin.

I imagine the bathrooms here
are clean, too.

© 2009 Marcy Stoeckel


  1. Gosh. I don't know where to start. Seriously, this is so awesome, on so many levels...I'll have to think about this one over the weekend...have a good, Darren

  2. And somehow, this one is quite mysterious to me.

    Perhaps I should go clean the bathroom...

  3. Thank you again, Darren. Just a little sad but true story.

    Patrice - The best I can is that it's about irony and perspective. (But feel free to come over and clean my bathroom. ;-))

  4. I love that you can write a poem like this and get away with it. It's biting, and I like that!

    Darren loves bathroom poems. He loves to write them. He loves to read them.


  5. LOL. the banter is making my day..your hearts are good...

  6. I'm now thinking of starting a poetry wall in my bathroom ...

  7. I love the lightness of this poem and also the authenticity. Bravo!

  8. medicatedlady: Thank you kindly, Ma'am.

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