Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Lack of Evidence

You rotate
while I revolve.
Like the Lady said,
“This is sex without touching.”
I’m trying to negotiate
a graceful collision,
but you’re misaligned;
you’re not receiving.

I could opt to contrive,
bait you like a Siren
and will you to follow,
all in manipulative
and vengeful fashion,
but I lack the spirit
and I never was that clever.
I just wanted you.

These years I’ve spent
revolving in this proof
that doesn’t exist,
but that you always require,
are simply wasting away.
I can reassure and comfort
the rest of your days,
but I can evince nothing.

Your demands for proof
will remain unmet
for I have nothing,
not a shred to offer,
except that I’m still here,
and I’ve told you
time and again
that I would follow.
And I will …
even if I appear
to have totally eclipsed.

©2007 Marcy Stoeckel

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