Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Swimming the Forest

It’s a complex game, you know,
but a game nonetheless,
walking through these woods,
sensing souls more or less.

Stepping on a dry twig or two
and tripping over their sound,
I wish I could hear the entire tree
before I fall to the ground.

They are beautiful, you see,
right up until first frost,
when they plot to keep secrets
as if they might be lost.

Perhaps if I came more often
and I lingered long enough,
I could merge before the fall
and elude their cold rebuff.

I’m told that it will happen
when I accept the snow,
that there’s magic in a forest,
in case I didn’t know.

But what if I’m a whale,
not meant to parley with trees?
What if there is more magic
in the sorrows of the seas?

© 2008 Marcy Stoeckel


  1. ...this is incredibly moving to me. The conversationally sad tone. Questions about what you can't know and what you may never know and how to sneak up on the truth somehow, some way, resonate with me.

  2. I can think of nothing more moving than to know I have moved another.

    Thank you, sincerely, for your words, medicatedlady.

  3. I am forging ahead with your blogs hoops to comment...This touched me deep in my soul..


  4. Thank you, Bindo. I consider it an even trade.